House Republicans Step Up On Defunding Obamacare As The Senate GOP Prepares To Wimp Out?

On Tuesday, I wrote a post pushing the idea of defunding Obamacare that got a lot of play around the blogosphere. By Wednesday morning, Dick Morris had out a column suggesting the same thing.

Last night, while interviewing John Boehner, Megyn Kelly said, “there was talk of the Republicans just refusing to fund this.” John Boehner (and yes, I did send that post directly to one of his people) was on board with the idea. In fact, he replied:

I can’t imagine that a Republican Congress is going to give this president the money to begin this process.

It’s game on, folks. If we put the GOP back in charge of the House, John Boehner will fight this all the way.

Now — in the Senate, on the other hand, I’m not so sure. Both the House and Senate leadership have fought Obamacare skillfully and as hard as they can so far. But now, I am being told that the Senate leadership is getting weak kneed about filibustering reconciliation by amendment. So, after fighting hard for 10 months, they’re sounding like they’re ready to capitulate here at the end.

Sure, Mitch McConnell is saying the right things about repealing the bill, but if they’re not even willing to fight hard by trying to filibuster by amendment now, the day after the bill was signed, how much confidence can we have that they’re going to fight tooth and nail in 2011 and beyond?

If guys like John Cornyn at the NRSC and Mitch McConnell want to be leaders, then they need to actually lead when it counts. Meanwhile, Cornyn’s making mush-mouthed statements about not being interested in repeal and McConnell’s apparently already losing his nerve a day after the bill’s been signed. These guys need some more testicular fortitude. It’s time to either stand up, man up and lead, or go home so someone else can take over.

PS: After savagely pummeling McConnell and saying it was a mistake to bring him back as Senate Minority Leader, I was planning to say that whatever his past failings may have been, the excellent job he had done fighting health care proved he was up to job. Yet, here we are at the crucial moment and the word I’m hearing everywhere is that he’s ready to cave-in. I certainly hope that rumor, which I am hearing from multiple sources, turns out to be not true.

PS #2: There are a lot of conservatives out there who don’t like — or at least aren’t sure about — Michael Steele. I can guarantee you this::  : if Michael Steele were the Minority Leader of the Senate, he wouldn’t give up an inch of ground to the Democrats. The same goes for John Boehner.

PS #3: Last but not least, the GOP’s presumed Senate candidate in Delaware, Mike Castle, : is also refusing to back a repeal of the bill. Personally, I don’t see the point of electing a Republican who isn’t willing to speak out in favor of repeal. In what meaningful way are you a Republican if you’re not willing to stand up against the socialization of 1/6 of our economy? If Mike Castle won’t do it, then his opponent Christine O’Donnell will.

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