How Far Nevada Has Fallen

Across the country states are reaching what appears to be rock bottom from President Obama’s failed economic policies, but in Nevada, Harry Reid has grabbed a shovel and continued to dig.

Despite having Harry Reid, the so-called most powerful senator in the country, Nevada now maintains the highest unemployment rate in the U.S. at 14 percent. The reason is quite simple, as a leader of the Democrat Party, Harry Reid has been so busy advancing the liberal agenda that he has neglected to help Nevada. Last year, Reid spent months working on his $2.5 trillion government-run health care experiment, and now rather than focus on improving the failing economy, Reid is crafting a job killing cap-and-trade energy tax that will make things even worse.

As the Majority Leader nobody has single-handily done more to ensure that Nevada leads the country in unemployment than Harry Reid. For this reason I was stunned to hear that instead of highlighting the fact that he is a true Washington insider with the power to craft backroom deals and hobnob with the Democrat brass, Reid has decided instead to build his campaign around arguably his biggest failure as a senator — his ability (or lack thereof) to create jobs. Every time Nevada voters see a slick campaign ad of Harry Reid boasting about his nonexistent record of job creation, it will only serve as a sad reminder of how far Nevada has fallen under his leadership, and how out of touch he has become.

Thankfully, Republicans in Nevada recently nominated Sharron Angle, a problem solver focused on creating jobs. With Sharron Angle, Nevadans will finally have a real leader who can help lift them out of this terrible hole that was created by Harry Reid’s failed economic policies.

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Michael Steele
Chairman of the Republican National Committee

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