Huckabee: “A beheading is a far greater threat to an American than a sunburn”

I’ve never been a big fan of Mike Huckabee as a presidential candidate, he is entirely too much of a social conservative warrior for my taste. That said, he seems like a good guy, I enjoyed his show on Fox when I ran across it, and he’s a big believer in environmentalism. But, can we trust him on “climate change”?

(Politico) Mike Huckabee mocked the notion that climate change is a major threat to Americans in a speech to conservative activists Saturday.

“A beheading is a far greater threat to an American than a sunburn,” cracked Huckabee, referring to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, and its tactic of beheading its enemies. The line drew laughter and applause from the grassroots faithful at Rep. Steve King’s Iowa Freedom Summit.

The former governor of Arkansas and Fox News personality was reacting to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, in which he identified climate change as the greatest threat to the country’s future.

Remember, as Obama yammered on about containing the threat from an unnamed terrorist threat (Islamists), ISIS/ISIL was threatening to kill two Japanese hostages, and has now claimed that they’ve killed one of the hostages.

In England, one man is dead and several were injured in a machete attack. There has been an arrest, but the name of the person arrested has not been released. I think we all can figure out why.

The AP has printed a “correction” to their story on 2014 being the hottest ever, noting that the original fable “did not include the caveat that other recent years had average temperatures that were almost as high — and they all fall within a margin of error that lessens the certainty that any one of the years was the hottest.” They did forget to mention that we’re quibbling about a supposed 0.02C increase.

There has been no warming in the Antarctic during the satellite record.

Islamic radicalism is continuing to grow, as the extremist viewpoint is taught in Islamic schools, mosques, and other outlets. If anyone points out the problem, they are immediately deemed an “Islamophobe”, in an attempt not just to shut down debate, but to create yet another protected class of which no negative discourse is allowed. I’ve often wondered why Leftists would do this, considering that hardcore Islam stands against women, gays, abortion, and just about everything Leftists believe in. Other than domineering centralized government, of course.

However, I do not trust Huckabee when it comes to “climate change”. In 2007, he backed a national cap and trade scheme. He said it was a “moral issue”. He flipped in 2010.

All that said, the threat from radical Islam is not just about violence, but about the Islamists insinuating themselves into Western culture, into our politics, and changing our systems.

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