I Declare Politico’s Attack On Herman Cain Racist

Obviously, the big news Sunday night through Monday was the very old sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain while I was away visiting with the parents. It’s sent the media, including some on the right, into a frenzy, even going so far as saying Cain’s campaign is over. It all begs the question: who leaked it? Some say it came from a GOP contender, others from a Democrat group. Perhaps it was simply The Politico, who launched the exclusive, digging into Cain’s past, something that was barely done regarding Obama’s past. Consider what we know of Obama: he was born in Hawaii, moved overseas, went to some colleges, and was a community organizer. No details on his school records, nothing published by him at the Harvard Review, and virtually no one remembers him at school.

Anyhow, the Politico continues its attack today, and I declare it complete racism. Pretty sad that The Politico is hitting a Black man with the charges

Herman Cain’s presidential campaign enters Tuesday facing a full-blown political crisis, now that the Republican White House hopeful has struggled for more than 24 hours to respond to allegations of sexual harassment dating to his time as president of the National Restaurant Association.

Since POLITICO published a story Sunday night revealing that the NRA had reached financial settlements with two women who accused Cain of inappropriate behavior, Cain and his spokesmen have offered a shifting and inconclusive series of responses.

Remember the good old days when a person was considered innocent till proven guilty? But, this is presidential politics, and any smear will be thrown out there. Hey, remember back a while ago when “it was just sex” was the phrase of the day? If only The Politico (and other news outlets) would spend as much time investigating the Obama administration on such things such as Fast and Furious, Solyndra, and others. Someone should remind them that the reason they were provided with a specific exclusion in the Bill Of Rights was so that they could publish the doings of Government without fear of reprisal.

The result is that a story that would have been damaging to Cain under any circumstances now threatens to derail his campaign permanently as the former trade association chief’s honesty comes into question.

Except, Cain gave excellent answers to Greta Van Susteren, and has vehemently denied the allegation. What concerns me is the squishiness of some Republicans, who will attempt to do what they always seem to do when an issue like this comes out: declare the candidate dead, and try and force them out before the details are all out. The best example was Larry Craig: the minute the information came out, there was a call for Craig to resign, before the details were fully present. And it was a simple misdemeanor regarding….sex, if the allegations were true. Democrats would never throw someone overboard at the drop of a hat. You have tax cheats like Charlie Rangel and Timothy Geithner still around and in position. They re-elected William “Cold Cash” Jefferson even though he was pretty much busted.

Will Cain suffer for this? Perhaps a tiny bit. But Conservatives should finally stick together, and realize that many sexual harassment suits are settle quickly before trial to make them go away, even when there is not harassment. I predict this will make Cain even more popular, as people look at this hatchet job using completely anonymous sources as a way to take down Herman Cain, a strong Conservative Black man, and the Left just can’t allow that.

PS: Let’s not forget that Bill Clinton paid off Paula Jones to the tune of $850,000 when she accused him of sexual harassment. Even though the legal case was close to being dismissed due failure to show any damages on the part of Jones. Didn’t mean he did it. Didn’t seem to hurt him that much politically, since liberals rallied around him, and declared that this was a “private matter.”

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