I Detest These Republican Mailers

One of my pet peeves during the 2008 campaign season was the deceptive mailers I received from Republican politicians. That’s not because I received a lot of them. That just goes with the territory if you give even small amounts of money to pols. After all, the more times they ask for money, as a general rule, the more money they’ll receive.

However, it’s insulting to send out an email like this to your supporters:

NRSC Mailer

“Must?” “Return this Survey Document at once?” “Official Republican Party Document — Do Not Destroy?”

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My first thought after reading language like that was something like: “Who the hell does the NRSC think they are? Who the hell do they think they’re talking to? …” The little dots are where I politely left off before the obscenities started.

Newsflash NRSC and the rest of the Republican organizations and campaigns that send out emails like this: We don’t work for you. When you guys start paying our bills, then you can tell us what we “must” do. Until then, go easy on the language in these mailers.

PS: Now, I don’t know what percentage of people open these particular mailers and send in money. However, the return on investment here had better be out-of this-world to make up for the authoritarian language.

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