If Boehner Hasn’t Passed A Short Term Debt Ceiling Deal Yet….

If Boehner Hasn’t Passed A Short Term Debt Ceiling Deal Yet….

…that would kick the can down the road a few months, it makes me think he anticipates reaching a deal. After all, the Obama line is basically, “Those Republicans won’t agree to anything and they’re going to cause a default that will cost us our AAA rating and make me cut off Social Security.”

Well, if the GOP passes a short term deal that extends the debt ceiling for a few months and the Democrats vote it down or Obama chooses to veto it, then there’s no ambiguity whatsoever about who’s responsible for any problems that result from not raising the debt ceiling. The Republicans would have also passed two bills, both of which the Democrats turned down, while the Democrats wouldn’t even have a plan in writing that could be voted on.

So again, that makes me think Boehner doesn’t want to take the pressure off because he believes the Dems will cave and we’ll get some kind of deal. The 1.5 billion to 2 billion dollar range is most likely because they can do that without tinkering too much with Social Security or Medicare.

If the GOP moves to pass a short term extension, that’s probably a good indication that they REALLY don’t think there’s a deal to be cut right now.

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