In Defense Of Linda McMahon

Over at National Review, Rich Lowry — whom : I agree with 95% of the time — wrote a piece about senatorial candidate Linda McMahon with a little too much tut-tutting at her for her role in the WWE:

If decency means nothing, McMahon is the businesswoman par excellence.

…Linda McMahon says that she was primarily involved in the business, not the creative, side of the enterprise. She apparently had no idea what unbelievable dreck her husband, the creative genius of the family, was staging every week. Linda herself appeared in some of the skits, although – in her defense – in a relatively restrained role that only saw her kick men in the groin once or twice.

She can’t deny any foreknowledge of the pipe-choking incident, since she participated in the skit. Asked whether she’s proud of that charming moment in “sports entertainment” history, her campaign spokesman repeatedly refuses to answer. All he’ll say is that there are “parts of the program that she likes more than others.” We’ll have to guess whether she liked, say, the episodes with the insulting depictions of a mentally handicapped man more or less.

There was a time when association with something so vulgar would have foreclosed the possibility of public office.

Rich Lowry’s right that there, “was a time when association with something so vulgar would have foreclosed the possibility of public office.” Of course, after Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, Clint Eastwood, & Al Franken have been elected to office, we’re pretty obviously not in that time anymore — and in all honesty, Linda McMahon is more qualified than ANY of them were when they first ran for office. That’s because not only was she an actor with the WWE, she ran the company, which is a global business worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now, you can point to a practically limitless array of tasteless skits, some of which Linda was even involved with personally. But, how many tasteless skits was Senator Al Franken involved with when he was on Saturday Night Live? Just look at this picture:

Al Franken

See that picture? That’s the new standard for public office.

Moreover, Clint Eastwood may only be Mayor,:  but:  he’s : played a criminal, a killer, and even a rapist.

Then there’s Ah-nold. How many outrageous acts did Arnold Schwarzenegger commit while he was acting? He’s killed 5 zillion people, he played a thief in Conan the Barbarian, and who can forget the unimaginable cheesy horror of his performance as Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin? In addition to that, Schwarzenegger had a well deserved reputation of being a Bill Clintonesque skirt chaser. Yet, he’s been given a pass for that, too.

But oh — Linda McMahon, why we’ve got to hold her to a much higher standard than we’re applying to any of these other people — give me a break. Yes, wrestling is not exactly high brow entertainment — of course, it ain’t porn either. In fact, it doesn’t even measure up to the level of:  R rated movies, which couldn’t even run unedited on Syfy, like the WWE.

Bottom line: Linda McMahon is going to have a tough enough race in Connecticut without conservatives applying a standard to her that other politicians haven’t been forced to adhere to in order to be elected. So, I’m not even saying, “give her a break;” I’m just saying, “don’t hold her to a higher standard than other politicians just because you don’t like wrestling.”

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