Jeb Bush: Statist Crusader for Common Core

They say Jeb Bush is currently leading the pack among Republican presidential candidates. The reasons to oppose his candidacy tooth and nail are too numerous to list here, but this one would suffice all by itself:

Jeb Bush never wavered in his support for the Common Core state standards — not even after the education benchmarks became a target for Tea Party groups decrying federal overreach in education.

Results of the liberal ideologues in Washington taking control of local classrooms through Common Core have included lunatic math, degenerate, age-inappropriate reading assignments, undermining the Second Amendment, promotion of ghetto culture, and of course politically correct, anti-American indoctrination.

Bush, who has played a key role in setting the national education agenda since leaving the governor’s mansion in 2007, was among the earliest supporters of the Common Core standards.

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Even Romney, the quintessential liberal establishmentarian Republican, has come out against Common Core.

Not Bush. His nonprofit Foundation for Excellence in Education doubled down on the Common Core, launching an initiative called Conservative for Higher Standards.

It isn’t just the Tea Party that does not want Common Core to do to education what ObamaCare is doing to health insurance.

A PDK/Gallup Poll released in August found that 60 percent of Americans oppose the use of Common Core standards. Of the Republicans surveyed, 76 percent said they objected to the new benchmarks.

Considering the leftward tilt of the media, 60% opposition to a liberal cause is significant. Like illegal immigration and ObamaCare, Common Core would be a winning issue to any Republican willing to meaningfully oppose Democrats. That excludes Jeb, whose policies put him far to the left of the Republican base. His nomination would be the country club liberal GOP establishment’s ultimate insult to the conservative voters it exploits to win elections and make the rise of a third party inevitable.


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