Jeb Bush’s Christmas Wish: Amnesty

Some people don’t mind being obvious about what they want for Christmas. If you are shopping for Jeb Bush, get him amnesty for the millions upon millions of mostly Third World illegal aliens who have exploited the deterioration of rule of law to colonize our country.

Former Florida Governor and amnesty advocate Jeb Bush alleged that America’s economy needs an influx of foreign workers across all sectors and declared that 2014 would be a “blockbuster year that finally takes [immigration] reform” across the finish line.

Real unemployment is well into the double digits, and this genius has decided that what the economy needs is another tidal wave of unskilled “workers” who, if they do work, will be taking jobs away from Americans. Many will not be able to find work, and some won’t even bother to look due to the lavish generosity of our welfare benefits.

At least Bush admits that amnesty isn’t just about letting those who are already here stay; it is about opening the floodgates to millions more. Consequently, the demographics of America will be permanently altered.

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Bush might get his wish, and almost on time for Christmas.

Bush noted that “every member of the House leadership team has expressed commitment to move reform forward in 2014” and the “home stretch is in sight.”

The hard Left needs to accomplish four things to fundamentally transform America into a squalid collectivist dictatorship: 1) seize control of the media and education establishments (done); 2) seize control of healthcare (underway); 3) disarm us (they won’t stop trying); and 4) alter the demographics so that those with a cultural stake in preserving what’s left of individual liberty will be a minority.

When the Democrat–RINO alliance has achieved these objectives, the fat lady will have sung. America will be over.

The good news is that Jeb Bush will never be elected president, no matter how hard the establishment pushes him, because if conservatives would not turn out for a moderate like Romney, they certainly won’t for a moonbat like Jeb. The bad news is that like John McCain, he wouldn’t have to be elected to serve his purpose; if nominated, his job would be to lose.

Jeb Bush, liberal gerbil.

On tips from Laurie. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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