Jimmy Kimmel Tries to Corner Cruz… BAD Idea!

Jimmy Kimmel Tries to Corner Cruz… BAD Idea!

Ted Cruz was on Jimmy Kimmel and in typical liberal Hollywood fashion, Jimmy did his best to be suave in his ATTACK against Cruz…turning sarcastic punches and passive aggressive stabs at the presidential candidate into jokes. Ha Ha Ha…but the joke was on him… Silly Jimmy, your tricks won’t work on brilliant people.


From Louder with Crowder:

He doesn’t get enough credit for it, but Ted Cruz is actually VERY good when it comes to mainstream, non-political interviews (See Well Done: Ted Cruz Gives Perfect Answer to TMZ about College… and Ted Cruz Takes on “Pampered” Whiny

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College Students with Adam Carolla…). Last night it was Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he was funny and personable, while still staying zoning in on the issues when required…

The fact that Jimmy Kimmel was so blissfully unaware proves Ted’s point in that, yes, Hollywood millionaires who tell us to vote Democrat are entirely ignorant to the real-world, economic ramifications. It’s for that same reason that many

Democratic politicians themselves ensured that their constituency got a “waiver” from Obamacare (Watch “Anthony Wiener Gets

Obamacare Waiver” here). See, they knew the crippling costs and voted for it anyway, as long as they didn’t have to take part in the mandate.

Kimmel is wrong, Cruz is right. It’s that simple.

Cruz: 1

Kimmel: 0

Oh Hollywood…stop embarrassing yourself.

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