John McCain, Obama Ally

Over his career, John McCain has often given conservatives cause to wonder whose side he is on. There is no need to wonder any longer:

President Barack Obama has an important new ally as emboldened Republicans work to derail his agenda: John McCain. …

[T]he two are working together on issues ranging from immigration to the deficit.

Anyone remember when Lettuce claimed he had learned his lesson after his last attempt to ram through amnesty? As his membership in the Gang of Eight Quislings confirms, he was lying. But that’s only the beginning of his perfidy.

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Last month, McCain was one of just four Republicans to vote for the failed bill to expand gun background checks, a centerpiece of Obama’s agenda. McCain is a chief architect of the Senate immigration bill supported strongly by the White House. He’s expressed deep reservations about GOP threats to filibuster Obama’s Cabinet-level nominees. He’s slammed his fellow Republican senators for blocking Senate Democratic efforts to begin bicameral budget negotiations with the House. And he’s even suggested new tax revenues could be part of a grand bargain.

That means he is likely to agree to ever higher taxes to feed the growth of the ever more bloated obscenity that calls itself our government.

Doesn’t the notoriously spiteful McCain bear a grudge against Obama for denying him the presidency? Not at all. His resentments are focused elsewhere.

Others think that McCain is driven by his latest grudge: a desire to beat his new Senate adversaries, the conservative firebrands Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky, all of whom are determined to thwart the Obama agenda and share views – particularly on war policy – that run counter to McCain’s.

That is, he is allying himself with a Marxist Democrat to defeat conservative Republicans.

If this snake has the gall to run again in 2016, Arizonans are advised not to vote for him no matter who he runs against, and no matter what pretty lies begin to roll off his tongue as the election approaches.


On a tip from Laurie. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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