Liberal Bully Teacher Says Young Conservative CJ Pearson ‘Not Worth Saving in a Fire’ [Video]

Liberal Bully Teacher Says Young Conservative CJ Pearson ‘Not Worth Saving in a Fire’ [Video]

CJ Pearson is at it again… I love this kid. He’s everything great about this country and truly gives you hope for the future of our young people. Not everyone feels that way evidently. His sixth-grade teacher at Columbia Middle School in Evans, Georgia, told fellow students he was “not worth saving in a fire.” also said Pearson claimed the teacher, named Michael Garrison, told students he “hates him [C.J.].” The teacher also accused Pearson of cheating on a vocabulary test, which CJ denies. Does this kid strike you as someone who would cheat on a vocabulary test? I don’t think so. Pearson told BizPac Review, “It’s always great having a teacher that’s not only a liberal bully, but someone who engages in slander.” This kid runs rings around most adults mentally and verbally. Shame on that teacher.

CJ Pearson Teacher

From Fox News:

The pint-sized Georgia firebrand whose videos blasting President Obama and espousing conservative values have drawn millions of online views sparked a controversy – and an investigation – this week with the claim that a former teacher said he was “not worth saving in a fire.”

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CJ Pearson, 13, and now in the eighth grade, wrote on his widely followed Facebook page that a schoolmate told him his sixth-grade teacher told his class Pearson had once passed around vocabulary words prior to a test, and that the boy thought he was “all that and a bag of chips” and was “not worth saving in a fire.”

When classes resumed at Columbia Middle School after the Columbus Day weekend, officials vowed to investigate the claim.

“This was brought to our attention after it was posted on social media,” school Principal Eli Putnam told BizPac Review on Tuesday. “We have been on an extended holiday weekend and will conduct a full review of the allegations once school resumes tomorrow,” Putnam wrote. “Columbia Middle School believes all students should be taught in a safe and positive environment. Accordingly, if the claims are substantiated we will handle the issue as a personnel matter.”

Columbia County schools Superintendent Sandra Carraway later told The Augusta Chronicle that all 25 students in the class where teacher Michael Garrison allegedly made the remark were interviewed and that only some of the comments were verified.

Carraway declined further comment and said the situation is considered a personnel matter and it would be addressed accordingly. She declined to comment about any specific disciplinary measures the teacher might face because of the incident.

Pearson believes the comments were relayed accurately to him.

“It’s always great having a teacher that’s not only a liberal bully, but someone who engages in slander,” he said.

Pearson has met with conservative politicians including presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as well as former Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., who have praised him for videos in which he excoriates President Obama, Hillary Clinton, gun control, the Black Lives Matter movement and various other people and causes.

“But here’s what you need to realize: Here in America, we don’t back down to terrorists,” Pearson said in a February viral video in which he addressed President Obama. “We fight them on their own battleground, and we annihilate them till the very end. Here in America, we don’t allow the government to take away what we work for, but we continue to work harder so that we may continue to succeed.”

As put it: “Pearson said, ‘My words are bold and I don’t expect everyone to agree. But to have a teacher say this about me? Completely inexcusable. I hope the Columbia County School District addresses this. Also, our school has zero tolerance bullying standards for students. I hope that standard isn’t easily forgotten when it comes to teachers.” The school is promising a full investigation. I wouldn’t count on that. They also say that if it is true, they’ll treat it as a personnel matter. If this were a lie, they’d be all over it like mustard on a hot dog. This is the same kid that posted a video earlier this year that said this of Obama: “President Obama, you don’t love America. If you really did love America, you would call ISIS what it really is: an assault on Christianity, an assault on American and downright hate for the American values that our country holds – freedom of speech, freedom of religion and every single thing that our country stands for.” I seriously love this kid.

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