Louie Gohmert: Leadership Won’t Act

Eric Holder’s paycheck could be withheld as per the Constitution, but leadership won’t act. Eric Holder could be detained until he produces long overdue: documents: requested by Congress, but leadership won’t act. The American people’s overwhelming desire to have our Southern border secure should have happened a long time ago, but leadership won’t act.

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That’s basically the takeaway from a conference call with Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert: yesterday. I was on the line with a couple dozen journalists, reporters and bloggers to speak with the lawmaker about his recent confrontation with Eric “Don’t Go There, Buddy” Holder,” Republican leadership and his political action committee; “GOH PAC” — a fund created to bolster conservative candidates.

Louie_Gohmert_portraitFirst of all, Congressman Gohmert – who represents the Lone Star State’s First Congressional District – kicks ass: He’s the best when it comes to prioritizing securing the border — and not confusing that with Amnesty. He’s tough.

Anybody who watched Eric Holder pee himself while being cross-examined by Louie knows that we need a Congress full of Gohmert’s and Gowdy’s, willing to speak truth to power and stop pussy-footing around with these corrupt and paranoid friends of Obama. Eric Holder should be in jail and I personally was pretty happy to hear someone tell the Attorney General just that to his face. Thanks Louie!

I can’t say that when the conference call was over: yesterday: I was too fired up about the near future of the Republican Party, however. This whole “Leadership won’t act” excuse got old a long time ago. As Clint Eastwood said at the last Republican convention, ‘If the guy in there isn’t doing the job, you gotta put somebody else in there..’ What do you think, Congressman? How long are we going to sit around while “Leadership doesn’t act?”

By the way, it doesn’t take PAC donations to impeach any number of folks for dereliction of office.

Not only that, I happen to strongly disagree that leadership in the GOP — especially the House — isn’t acting. They’re acting all right. Acting like a bunch of greedy turncoats.

In 2010, the American people smelled a Marxist rat and stopped what they were doing long enough to sweep Republicans back into the House majority specifically to stop ObamaCare and Obama. John Boehner and Co. rewarded us with complete and abject failure. ObamaCare is here and being used to win elections by Republicans who are, funding it and “fixing” it.

Republican leadership is acting all right. Acting like traitors to the folks who put them in power. I was relieved to hear Congressman Gohmert was uncomfortable with Boehner and Co. consorting with the “Mainstreet Republican Partnership Super PAC” (hat tip to Jennifer Kearns for the question!) — yet dismayed that anyone could be friends with someone like Steve LaTourette. Their stated goal (LaTourette went on MSNBC and said just this) is to “destroy Tea Party and conservative candidates.”

That’s right, GOP leadership is, in fact, acting… Acting like jackasses.

Here’s a question I’d like to ask Republican Leadership:

1. Hillary Clinton lied to Congress when testifying about: Benghazi, but didn’t commit perjury because the committee didn’t swear her in? Who made that deal?

I’m being rhetorical. The answer is because they know she’s the next President. The Republicans don’t have any better sense than to run Jeb Bush instead of a real conservative, because they detest real conservatives. Why else would they be cozying up to folks like Steve LaTourette and Mainstreet Republican Partnership — funded by left-wing labor unions and George Soros connected money?

The answer is that our GOP leadership are just as threatened by the Louie Gohmert’s of the world as liberals are. I know it must be a tightrope act for him,: but Congressman Gohmert and whatever group of real conservatives he runs with better get together and press forward with a coup.

In a nutshell Congressman: Get a new Speaker, some new leadership and some real action.

Just sayin’..

This post was used with the permission of Joe for America.

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