Major Conservative Groups Call for Mitch McConnell to Step Down as GOP Senate Majority Leader

Major Conservative Groups Call for Mitch McConnell to Step Down as GOP Senate Majority Leader

“We call on all five members of the GOP Senate leadership to step down…”

Right now, leaders of Tea Party holdover groups are calling on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to step down from his position. The conservative groups are all saying that Sen. McConnell, from Kentucky, as well as the rest of his enablers should all go take a hike.

The leader of the Senate Conservatives Fund is former attorney general of the state of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli. Speaking at a press conference, Cuccinelli said that all five GOP leadership members must step down and if that won’t happen, urged their caucus “to remove them as soon as possible.”

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The press conference, which took place on Capitol Hill also included FreedomWorks, the Tea Party Patriots and For America. The president of For America, David Bozell, said that if the Republicans were a football team, “you’d start seriously considering firing the coaches.” Groups that were involved with the Tea Party have been a longstanding problem for establishment Republicans.

David Bozell, Adam Brandon, Jenny Beth Martin, Ken Cuccinelli and Brent Bozell

Recently, Breitbart’s Steve Bannon appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to threaten every establishment Republicans (with the exception of Ted Cruz), saying that Breitbart and by extension other Tea Party-aligned right wing groups will be attacking the entrenched GOP even more than they’ll be attacking the Democrats.

The group at Capitol Hill handed out a letter that was given to McConnell where they gave their criticisms of his leadership, starting with the fact that the GOP was given “the majority because [the GOP] pledged to stop the steady flow of illegal immigration” before saying, “You have done nothing.” They also addressed the GOP’s inaction on deficit spending, their inability to repeal Obamacare and the lack of action on anything that looks like tax reform.

While they are criticizing GOP leadership, the group are not endorsing anyone else in particular that could replace McConnell in his job, but they still had nice things to say about a few sitting senators. President of FreedomWorks said that he liked Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania.

Jenny Beth Martin from the Tea Party Patriots said that she is “not opposed to” Sen. David Perdue from Georgia, being from the state herself. She praised his business experience as a CEO.

In August, Trump also hit hard on McConnell, telling him that unless he can pass Trump’s legislation, then he needs to step down. At the time he called McConnell’s inability to pass repeal and replace “a disgrace” and that he’s “very disappointed in Mitch.”

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