Meg Whitman’s Slap In The Face Of Sarah Palin Fans: Hiring Mike Murphy

After John McCain went down in flames, his staffers went on the warpath. Not against him, for blowing it in the home stretch of the campaign. Not against the media, for abandoning the man who used to be their favorite Republican. Not even against Barack Obama.

No, John McCain’s staffers ran to the press and savaged Sarah Palin at every opportunity. Why? To shift the blame away from moderates, who abandoned a moderate candidate, and in an effort to toady to the Left by trashing the brightest spot in the entire McCain campaign.

Now, one the worst of McCain’s staffers was Mike Murphy, who ripped on Sarah Palin like it was his new job. Where was the loyalty to the campaign? Where was the respect for all the conservatives that thought choosing Sarah Palin was the best move McCain made in the entire campaign?

Here:  are:  just some of the things Mike Murphy said about Sarah Palin on the record.

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Mike Murphy referred to the decision to pick Palin as”cynical” and “gimmicky.”

Gov. Sarah Palin is the political train wreck that keeps on giving. First, she was an awful choice last year as John McCain’s running mate. — Mike Murphy

Yeah. No, no, look, she has a constituency. She’ll never be the nominee, I totally agree with David. I agree with Steve Schmidt, it would be actually a disaster if she was the nominee. I do wish my friend Steve felt that a year ago when a lot of people were asking John McCain to put her on the ticket. — Mike Murphy

Now staffers are, by their very nature, interchangeable. Yes, you try to get the best people you can, but there are 50 people who can do any staffer job.

So when Meg Whitman, who’s running for governor, chose to hire Mike Murphy, what does it say?

It says that she holds Sarah Palin’s many fans in the Republican Party in absolute contempt. She thinks so little of them and feels their support is so unwanted for her campaign, that she’s going to hire a guy like Mike Murphy, who made more of a name for himself trashing Sarah Palin than he did working for the McCain campaign.

Well, here’s what I say: Any candidate who hires Mike Murphy, Steve Schmidt, or Nicolle Wallace — the McCain staffers who trashed Palin — that candidate is dead to me. I don’t care what:  his record is, I don’t care what: :  he says, and I don’t care how important the race is — if : he wants a kind word on RWN, then : he can buy an ad. I’m so tired of these Republicans who have contempt for the “little” people who put them in office and nothing says “I don’t respect the base” like hiring staffers who have been all over the news trashing a popular conservative for no good reason. So, as far as I’m concerned, as long as Mike Murphy is on Whitman’s staff, I’ll support anybody but Whitman for:  governor.

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