Michele Bachmann’s House Call.

Michele Bachmann’s House Call.

I have some seriously mixed emotions right now. Today was amazing. I was blown away by the shift in the GOP Representatives. There were so many who were FINALLY getting it. It was like they realized we weren’t going away, and they’d better get on board.

It’s about time.

I have been busting my tail all week to help anyone I could help with logistics. This was an odd event in that no one was really in charge. Rep. Bachmann (who I have openly admitted to having a girl crush on) announced it, a few talk show hosts and Fox News supported it, and we came.

Oh, we came.


Amazingly, most people were on message today. Which is always impressive, because a lot of the time people choose their pet issues and make a sign about it. And then I’m like, um. This is about taxes, why are we talking about marriage again?

Anyway, with the exception of the total whackjobs that were dressed as demons torturing Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in the fires of hell, I was pretty impressed with the focus.

The crowd estimates ranged from 20k to 30k – which was amazing considering there was a five day notice. I spent the first part of the day elated. I was so thrilled that so many people saw the importance of just showing up. But I’ve been thinking about my job lately, and about what people give to be at these things – it’s not cheap, and no, we’re not paying anyone’s way. No one forced these people on to the streets or to wait in line for hours to meet their representatives.


My job, in short, should not exist. At all. There should not be organizations that do nothing but babysit the government. We shouldn’t even have to say things like “Spending a trillion dollars is a bad idea”… you’d think that would be common sense. Obviously that is not the case.

I’ve heard so many stories of people who have drained savings accounts, taken off work, run up credit cards… anything they could do to get here. And it really makes me sad that we’re at the point where people HAVE to do that. Why should we have to bring thousands and thousands of people to their doorstep and figuratively bang down their doors to get them to listen? It’s a sad state of affairs. I hate that I have to do what I do. To be completely honest, I would not have chosen to live in Washington at all. This city has never been on my radar. I’d be completely content back home in NC with my friends and family. But I have to be here. And so do so many others. And it sucks.

Days like today give me hope. This is honestly the first time that I’ve ever really felt like they were listening. The GOP representatives couldn’t jump on board fast enough. So many spoke to us and supported what we were doing.

A powerful moment with me was when I went with a New Jersey constituent to meet with his representative – a squishy Republican named Leonard Lance. He voted for TARP. He voted for Cap and Trade. He seemed shaky and almost scared when we entered his office. Everyone there could not have been nicer. He was happy to let us all come in, even though we weren’t in his district. He looked at us and said “Your voices are being heard. I’m going to vote no.” I was blown away.


All in all, what we’re doing is working. I have no doubt in my mind that the Representatives have heard us, and they’re afraid to ignore us anymore. This is not about this bill or that bill or any particular Representative or Senator. It’s not about Obama. It’s not about Nancy Pelosi. As much as she makes my skin crawl.

It’s about freedom. It’s about liberty. It’s about people who want their kids to be free. That’s why we show up.

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