Mike Huckabee Has Meltdown Over #NeverTrump

It’s this kind of talk from Trumpbots that hardens the positions of the #NeverTrump and others that I refer to as the “I’ll consider him if he gives me a reason, rather than being a jackass”

(Mediaite) Former GOP candidate Mike Huckabee has come out in loud support of Donald Trump this week and is now blasting any Republicans threatening not to back him.

Shortly after Trump all but clinched the nomination Wednesday, Huckabee issued a statement pledging to go “all in” for Trump and criticizing the “hapless ‘Never Trump’ nonsense.” Huckabee had not pledged support to Trump until this week — although his daughter has been working for Trump’s campaign as a senior adviser since February.

And then during an appearance on Trump News, er, Fox News (well, really, aren’t all news stations now Trump News?)

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When we nominated people over the past several election cycles, some of us had heartburn, but we stepped up and supported the nominee,” he said, and told any Republicans not backing Trump to leave the party. “This isn’t Burger King,” he said. “This is an election. And you don’t get it all the time just like you want it.”

“You’re either on the team, or you’re not on the team,” he added.

You’ll have to hit the link to watch the video and hear the tone of Huckabee in his derisiveness and condemnation. He’s a nice guy, but stunts like this are not going to bring people over to Trump’s side, even if we’re only talking about essentially voting against Hillary/Bernie. It’s portraying people who aren’t 100% on-board as the enemy.

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