Mitch Daniels: Time To Move On?

One can usually rely on The Politico being good little lefties and finding ways to slam Republican candidates, but, they actually make a good point with this story: Mitch Daniels, the reluctant candidate

It’s becoming a recurring pattern: the more supporters of Mitch Daniels attempt to pump him up, the less he appears to want to run for president.

At a state Republican Party dinner here Thursday night, Daniels backers thronged a hotel ballroom, waved signs that read “Run Mitch Run,” and rose to their feet to chant the same after watching a slickly-produced video extolling the two-term Indiana governor’s accomplishments.

Cue the cold shower.

Talking to reporters after over a thousand of his fellow Hoosiers beseeched him to get in the race, Daniels praised the current GOP presidential field and said he could easily back any number of them. (snip)

Whatever he decides, Republicans want Daniels to make up his mind soon. After months of hoping fervently that he would come to the rescue of a party establishment casting about for an alternative to Mitt Romney, GOP insiders are beginning to grumble about the governor’s Hoosier Hamlet routine.

I’ve seen quite a few folks in the Right-O-Sphere root for Mitch to jump in, saying “he’s the man! Run Mitch run!” And Mitch plays coy, teasing people. Does this seem familiar? It should. Remember Fred Thompson? Remember how he played coy, teasing supporters who were urging him to run, waffling for month after month, before finally saying “sure, I’ll run”? How’d that work out? A tepid, boring campaign, lacking coherence, before going down like the Titanic. So many on the Right jumped in and supported him, because he was a good Conservative, his positions and policies made sense, he was well spoken, and all for naught, because he ran a boring campaign.

Personally, I can’t say that much about Mitch, I haven’t bothered to research him much because he hasn’t announced as of yet. He may be an awesome conservative, with great ideas and great policies. But, I don’t want a candidate who isn’t all that thrilled with running. It takes a certain type of person to run for president, and, no matter what one might say about Obama (or McCain, for that matter), he wanted to be president. He doesn’t want to Do president, but, you can’t fault him for running a passionate campaign, even if it was way over the top. A person has to really want it. I’m not sure of Daniels really does.

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