MSNBC Morons Ask If Black People Attended Trump Speech – Black Pastor Opens Event [Video]

MSNBC Morons Ask If Black People Attended Trump Speech – Black Pastor Opens Event [Video]

Between 30 and 40,000 showed up to hear The Donald last night. I personally watched the whole event. A black pastor gave a lengthy opening invocation before the event. Chris Matthews must not have been watching at that point. Cue the crickets. I have picture after picture showing a wide diversity of people attending the event, including black Americans. The Leftists are so desperate to call Southerners racists, they just make up crap and figure no one will notice. They are terrified of Donald Trump and I am literally loving it. Matthews is a detestable human being… a Redneck Riviera rally… really? I would wager many of those so-called ‘rednecks’ are wealthier, better educated and certainly smarter than Chris Matthews. Racist much, Chris? By the way, there is nothing wrong with being a redneck. Some people are very proud of the label – I’ll take redneck any ole day over elitist moron, thank you very much.

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From BizPac Review:

In an age of taking offense over the slightest grievance, the liberal media continue to declare open season on white Americans from the South.

While guffawing over a turnout of tens of thousands at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama, on Friday evening to see Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews referred to the area as the “Redneck Rivera.”

Proving that the left struggles to look beyond the color of one’s skin, Matthews took care to ask NBC reporter Katy Tur about the racial makeup of Trump’s supporters.

“Are there any black people there?” he asked.

Two black men can be seen in a tight still shot of an NBC report on the rally, but apparently they escaped Tur’s notice.

“I have not seen any today that have come out for Donald Trump,” she replied.

“I spoke with a lot of people at lunch today, and they were all, to be blunt, Caucasian white people who expressed support,” she added. “The others did not.”

Maybe she just didn’t want to see the “others.”

Media bias is rampant at MSNBC. Smarts are in short order though. “I would like to have the election tomorrow,” Trump stated. “I don’t want to wait.” And by the look of the crowds and adoring fans, the voters agree. They treated Donald Trump like a rock star last night and just could not get enough of him. Trump evoked Billy Graham — the evangelist who packed stadiums around the world — as he brought his message to the Deep South. Trump proclaimed his favorite book was indeed the Bible, followed distantly by The Art of the Deal. By the way, Graham says he thinks Trump is genuine and likes him. Meanwhile, the headline from the New York Times, was that Trump failed to fill the stadium. They left the little fact out that over 30,000 people were there ecstatically cheering him on. This isn’t about race, this is about making America great again and fixing what the Marxists have broken. The media is in a biased panic over Trump. America seems to think Trump is the man to do the job – Trump may just get hired.

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