Nevada Blonde Bombshell Politician Releases a Gun Calendar That Leaves Leftists Quivering

Nevada Blonde Bombshell Politician Releases a Gun Calendar That Leaves Leftists Quivering

Michele Fiore is one of the greatest people I have ever known and she is one of my closest friends. She was there with me in the hospital after my father passed in 1999. We saw marriages and children together. We ran all over Las Vegas together and had a blast. I was thrilled when she was elected to office there. She has been giving the liberal legislature in Vegas heartburn ever since she came on the scene. That’s my Blondie… always ready for a fight. This is a fantastic calendar, not only because Michele graces the pages of it, but because it goes towards conservative values and shows her strong love of the Constitution and the Second Amendment. As long as I’ve know Michele, she’s owned guns and she’s a heck of a shot.


From Young Conservatives:

It’s refreshing when you hear government figures support the Constitution and openly talk about their affinity toward letting the American people defend themselves with guns.

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Well, if you like the Second Amendment, you’re gunna LOVE Michele Fiore.

From USA Today:

Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, R-Las Vegas, who led gun-rights efforts before the Nevada Legislature this year, released a calendar with images of herself posing with guns to promote her views.

Called “Michele Fiore’s 2016 Walk the Talk 2nd Amendment Calendar,” it features quotes from such Republicans as Abraham Lincoln and Ted Nugent on gun ownership.

Numerous days throughout the year feature anecdotes of individuals using guns in self-defense, such as this entry for May 23: “2013 — Michigan 26-year-old Young Lady Uses Gun To Fight Off Man Who Stabbed Her Twice.”

The firearms used in the photos range from an AR Extar EXP-556 pistol to a RJ Braverman Stinger 22LR pen gun.

She writes on the back cover, “The main purpose of this calendar is to focus on the many positive aspects that firearms can play in our lives.”

The calendars can be ordered from her website for a donation of $25 or more:

Can’t argue with that.

It’s nice to know that there are some states left in the country that actually admire politicians for supporting gun rights.

Michele would have my vote if I lived in Nevada and I have a feeling a lot of Nevadans agree with me.

Keep fighting the good fight.

I never would have dreamed that each of us would be where we are today and I miss hanging with Michele. She’s doing fantastic work in Nevada though and loving every minute of it. Nevadans do love the blonde bombshell from Vegas. She is a conservative fighter and believes in strong women and self defense. She has been a huge proponent of gun rights in the Silver State. You may remember that she was on the front lines for the Bundy Ranch fight. No one fights harder for the citizens of Nevada than Michele Fiore. I’ll bet she had a ton of fun making the calendar. I recommend that everyone get one while they can. They’ll go fast. Just too fun.














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