New Hampshire “Scientists” Urge GOP Contenders To Embrace Climate Change Hoax

The Warmists just won’t give up their cultish beliefs, and The Hill is there to run with the story without any fact checking

Fifty New Hampshire scientists Thursday called on the Republican presidential candidates to accept the “overwhelming” scientific evidence behind climate change.

The scientists issued the joint statement just weeks before the Jan. 10 New Hampshire primary, a key early test for the GOP White House hopefuls.

“We urge all candidates for public office at national, state, and local levels, and all New Hampshire citizens, to acknowledge the overwhelming balance of evidence for the underlying causes of climate change, to support appropriate responses to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, and to develop local and statewide strategies to adapt to near-term changes in climate,” the scientists said.

“Ignoring the issue of climate change places our health, our quality of life, our economic vitality, and our children’s future at risk.”

Funny how these “scientists” are worried about our children’s future, considering that the majority of the Believers are left of center and back the huge spending of Big Government, which will destroy the future of our kids through unsustainable debt, deficits, and unpaid liabilities. Also, if they were being precise, they would at least call it global warming, instead of the catch all “climate change”, which allows the Warmists to embrace everything that happens under the banner of someone (else) having driven a car.

And then there is this, as explained by Drew Cline at the Union Leader

It is a funny little bit of propaganda made all the more humorous by its labeling as “scientists” a historian, a sociologist, two political scientists, a professor of health economics, several civil engineers, two medical doctors, and some Ph.D. candidates.

Nothing says “We are serious scientists; heed our doomsday predictions!” quite like the overstating of credentials. If they’ll overstate their credentials, then why wouldn’t they overstate the connection between recent weather events and human behavior?

Nonetheless, the petition got written up in The Hill, which lent it some undue legitimacy. Voters ought to ignore it.

Hence the reason I put scientists in quotes. But, then, the majority of people that bloviate about the need to Do Something about anthropogenic global warming aren’t climate scientists. Al Gore isn’t. Nor is James Hansen. Nor most of the people who work on the UN IPCC panel and write their press releases and documents. Nor most that attend the yearly UN climate change (hoax) conferences in exotic vacation spots, as well as all the other conferences.

But, anyhow, if we are supposed to listen to these 50 “scientists” on the issue, why are we supposed to ignore the 31,000 who signed the petition against AGW?

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