NH Republican Establishment Working Against Tea Party Candidate?

And so it begins. Now that the 2010 midterms are done and the Tea Party has shown itself to be a real political force, the GOP establishment is making plans to undermine Tea Party power and reassert its own RINO, country club control of the party. It’s happening in New Hampshire, anyway, as it seems as if outgoing NH Republican Party Chairman John Sununu is engaging in a whisper campaign against Tea Party backed Jack Kimball who is vying to become the next GOP chairman for the Granite State.

According to New Hampshireite Skip Murphy of GraniteGrok blog, Sununu is telling people that he’ll only support the next iteration of the state central committee unless he is “confident that the State Committee has assembled a team that is capable of effectively managing the organization.”

Worse he is personally calling voting members and warning them off Kimball.

Am hearing that Sununu is calling up a lot of the Members with a typical political whisper campaign – taking things that Jack (and his supporters) have said and giving them that “ever so deft twist” that is the hallmark of a fine political operative (one does not rise to the level of Governor or Presidential Chief of Staff for nuttin’, you know). Let’s inject some FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) into the process, like: Jack Kimball is going to enforce a litmus test? Have you heard the same thing?

Add to this the news that the New Hampshire GOP has denied potential presidential candidate Herman Cain — well known as a Tea Party favorite — the time to address the party at its next annual meeting and we see a pattern here. The RINO Party establishment in New Hampshire is trying to shut out the Tea Party influence.

The RINOs are about to stampede straight away from electoral success. Time for the Tea Party folks to pay attention because efforts like this will be occurring in every state party as the RINO set tries to defeat the only avenue to success the GOP has seen in decades. And why would the country club set be moving to cut their own throats and relegate themselves to permanent minority status? Why else but that THEY won’t be holding the reins of party power if they allow the Tea Party influence to continue to grow.

Country club Republicans would rather be in second place state-wide than allow themselves to be ousted from power in their own party.

Learn this lesson, Tea Party. Learn it well and be ready to fight the RINO herd for your right to be heard in your OWN party!

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