Palin Calls For GOP Unity In Iowa Speech

Is she running? We still don’t know, but, she blew the crowd away in Iowa Friday night

Sarah Palin drew the largest crowd here tonight in the history of the Iowa Republican Party’s Ronald Reagan Dinner — more than 1,500 people.

“In just 46 days Republicans will put their ideas and their experience on the line to let the voters decide,” Palin said at the Republican Party of Iowa’s fundraiser at Hy-Vee Hall in Des Moines. “It is time to unite. If the goal really is to take away the gavel from Pelosi and Reid and to stop the Obama agenda and stop the government agenda, then it is time to unite.”

And she is exactly right. It’s time to put aside the rancor, and work towards defeating Democrats and their “fundamentally change America” agenda. The primaries are over. Let the hard feelings go. Politics is a dirty, nasty business, something which many seem to forget, and the mud can fly in train loads. If you have a problem with a candidate, whether because they are a squishy or because they are a TEA Party candidate, put the feelings aside. If you can’t, then just ignore the candidate, for the good of the Party, which will be good for America. If that sounds over the top, why not review the “accomplishments” of the Democrat Party since January 2009.

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Obviously, some had issues with Palin’s speech, and beclown themselves

In a typically spirited speech that didn’t so much torture the English language as waterboard it beyond the point of submission, Palin’s appearance was carried live on the C-Span cable network, where it clashed in Friday primetime with America’s Funniest Home Videos and a Jim Carrey movie, Liar, Liar.

Isn’t that cute? Except, Richard Adams should probably understand the difference in time zones, since Liar Liar is on ABC Family Saturday night. I do understand that Richard asked Obama for a reply, and it involved lots of ers, ums, and ahs.

Sarah Palin made her return to the Granite State on Friday night, the field of dreams for presidential contenders, speaking to the Iowa Republican’s annual Ronald Reagan dinner and drawing polite applause for her laundry list of attacks on liberals, the Democratic party and the “lamestream media”.

Say, Richie? New Hampshire is the Granite State. Iowa is the Hawkeye State. Perhaps you should take 2 minutes to do a quick web search before calling someone else stupid.

Some more of her comments

“Remember attitudes are contagious, so make sure yours are worth catching,” Ms. Palin said, speaking over applause. She added, “We can’t blow it, G.O.P., but we won’t wait for that political playbook to be handed to us from on high from the political elites. We won’t do that.”

“It may take some renegades to get us there,” she said. “It may take folks shaking things up to get us there.”

They said Reagan was too partisan, too Conservative, too extreme, too much of a renegade to get elected. How’d that work out?

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