Paul Gosar (R-AZ): “If all you do is stand for the Constitution, you will lose.”

Back on June 28th, The put together a Townhall at the Capital Hill Club that featured a number of Congressmen talking to conservatives across the country via livestream. This was to promote the huge 2012 Tea Party Unity Rally which is going to happen on August 26th in Tampa.

This Townhall is now starting to make news because one of the Congressmen, Paul Gosar (R-AZ), made the monumental mistake of saying, “If all you do is stand for the Constitution, you will lose” in a room full of Tea Party activists.

Gosar had a lot of problems before he ever went to that event. He was just elected in 2010, turned out to be a big disappointment, and has been targeted for defeat by the Club for Growth. For a Republican Congressman, that is kind of like being a lost sheep that a wolf has his eye on for dinner. The Club for Growth took note of Gosar’s comments and unsurprisingly, was not pleased.

“Congressman Gosar just told the people of Arizona that he won’t fight for the Constitution and limited government,” said Club for Growth Communications Director Barney Keller. “It’s not surprising, considering Congressman Gosar voted to raise the debt ceiling by trillions while opposing even modest spending cuts. Fiscal conservatives in Arizona should support free-market leader and champion of the Constitution Ron Gould in the Republican Primary instead of R.I.N.O Paul Gosar.”

Seldom do you run across an incumbent facing a primary who doesn’t richly deserve it and Gosar is no exception. Go get him, Ron Gould!

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