Paul Ryan Opposes Trump’s Immigration Cuts – Leaving Working-Class Americans To Struggle

Paul Ryan Opposes Trump’s Immigration Cuts – Leaving Working-Class Americans To Struggle

The House Speaker Paul Ryan seemingly wants to keep the immigration numbers coming into America the same, saying he is opposed to President Donald Trump’s proposed immigration cuts.

Is there any defining difference between legal and illegal immigration? To me, it seem’s we are focusing on legal immigration – the ones that pay the price and go through the process to become Americans – and putting our resources in cutting those down. Wouldn’t it be more of a benefit to pour those resources into completely stopping ILLEGAL immigration? Why are we trying to stop people who are doing it the right way and wanting to become Americans?

I despise Ryan, don’t get me wrong, and I’m sure his reasoning for what he’s doing runs along a more progressive agenda…I just don’t believe we should be cutting out the best of the best, who jump through all the hoops, from wanting to be full-fledged Americans.

Trump, along with Republican Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue this week introduced a more protectionist policy called the RAISE Act, a large immigration program that aims to protect U.S. taxpayers and American workers by reducing legal immigration and thus hoping to have an effect on wages.

Paul Ryan disagreed with the move:

“I just think arbitrary cuts to legal immigration don’t take into effect the economy’s needs as the boomers are retiring. With baby boomers leaving the workforce, we’re still going to have labor shortages in certain areas and that is where a well-reformed legal immigration system should be able to make up the difference.”

According to Breitbart:

Breitbart News’ John Carney’s analysis determined that the bill, which would cut “legal immigration into the United States by half and grant entry based on education, the ability to speak English, and jobs skills,” would actually make working-class Americans wealthier because “the gross domestic product per U.S. resident would grow.”

Massive and unchecked legal immigration based on current law often prevents many Americans from moving up from the middle class for it allows high-tech companies, for instance, to use H-1B visas to displace Americans from good-paying technological jobs and replace them with foreigners who are not as qualified. In addition, it also prevents millions of Americans from moving into the middle class or even entering the workforce and getting on the economic ladder by putting downward pressure on wages or making it more difficult for Americans to find jobs that do not require advanced degrees.

What are your thoughts?

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