Police investigate disturbing death threats against Ted Cruz, family

Law enforcement officials are investigating a threat leveled against U.S. Sen.Ted Cruz: and his family via: Twitter.

The disturbing news reported Friday by The Hill is the likely culmination of a concerted effort by Democrats and their loyal media allies in demonizing the Texas Republican: over a disagreement of policy.

Just one example, courtesy of The Examiner, from Obama supporter Chris Matthew’s MSNBC “Hardball” account:

While one can only imagine the meltdown in the media if a tea party member were to openly threaten President Obama’s life on social media platforms, an individual identified on Twitter as: Troy Gilmore Jr., has been leveling such threats for several days.

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In a series of “tweets” that began on Monday, posted under the Twitter handle @ArmyVet54, Cruz was threatened, his home address was published and even his children were mentioned.


The tweets included messages such as:

Go the f*k back in Canada, else you and ur family will pay;

Take Heidi and those daughters and head to Canada;

Take that anti-Christ bastard down;

[Cruz] needs to be taught a street-wise lesson.

The tea party was also mentioned in several tweets, as were the conservative organizations Heritage Action and FreedomWorks —:  mislabeled as “Freedom Way.”

The Twitter profile of Troy Gilmore Jr. says the user is a veteran of the Army and the Navy, and that he has two sons in the military.


Sean Rushton, Cruz’s spokesman, told The Hill, “We’re aware of it and have alerted the proper authorities.”

“We are looking into that matter,” said Officer Shennell Antrobus, a spokesman for the Capitol Police.

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