Politico: “Sarah Palin Goes Behind Enemy Lines”

Yes, that is the exact headline, and what follows is an interesting article

Starting Sunday, Sarah Palin enters enemy territory.

The bus tour that stands to return her to the 2012 spotlight is taking her to the part of the country that’s the least friendly to her – the northeastern U.S.

The headline and the story actually show more about liberals than Sarah Palin: namely, that they actually think of people on the political right as enemies. Not opponents, mind you, but, actual enemies. Those on the Left have a tough time thinking of Islamists as enemies, people who actually want to destroy freedom and replace it with a worldwide Caliphate, or, simply kill the infidel, but, Republicans/Conservatives? Enemies. They also see Israel as enemies, and would have sided with Nazi Germany, but, that’s a separate story

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It’s a part of the country she’s mostly avoided since 2008, conspicuously not setting foot in early presidential state New Hampshire at all during her two book tours and her 2010 tea party campaign swings. Now, however, with her luster dimmed and her national relevance in question, she has chosen to venture into the belly of the beast.

Really? Her “luster has dimmed and national relevance in question”? The woman makes a post on Facebook and it becomes national news in minutes. She utters a few words, and the media jump like frogs on fire to get the story out. Heck, she’s a big story when she isn’t even doing anything. The media, plus Palin lovers and haters, know that any story about her will generate traffic.

Palin is wrapping herself in American history, tapping into the hyper-patriotism that is her hallmark. Her destinations are historic islands, refuges amid the most urbanized and Democratic territory in the nation.

Some of us just refer to that as “love of country.” It’s a hard concept to understand for people who want to “fundamentally transform” America. Of course, The Politico had to find Republican to slam her as stupid

In Pennsylvania, Palin likely has pockets of support in the rural center of the state and among tea party activists, said Jim Roddey, chairman of Pittsburgh’s Allegheny County Republican Committee.

“Overall, most of us feel she could be an important force in the party, but I would hope she would not run for president,” said Roddey, who hasn’t endorsed a 2012 primary candidate. “I don’t think she has the intellectual capacity or the depth of knowledge to be president.”

If she’s so dumb, how does she get people to jump so quickly? How is it that this intellectually challenged woman has remained so relevant and a powerhouse? And, I’m not calling Palin stupid, but, let’s face it, would you rather have someone who’s super awesome brilliant or someone who’s capable of doing the job of POTUS? Obama’s supposedly super freaking intelligent, and his administration has been a disaster.

One northeastern GOPer, Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy, said he welcomes Palin to the neighborhood because of the effect she has on Democrats.

“She annoys the left to the point of apoplexy, and I love it,” he said. “My liberal friends, when I say her name at a barbecue, they completely come off the rails.”

He does go on to say that she would have to broaden her appeal if she does run, and, he has a point. Providing she does announce and seek the nomination, expect to see the more moderate Palin that was apparent while she was Governor of Alaska

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