Pure Gold! Ted Cruz Sends Tweet Supporting Donald Trump: #DealWithIt… Media Devastated

Pure Gold! Ted Cruz Sends Tweet Supporting Donald Trump: #DealWithIt… Media Devastated

This is sheer gold! The media has been doing its level best to try and get Cruz and Trump to turn on each other. It hasn’t worked and it’s not going to work. They really went after it when Donald Trump came out with his proposed ban on Muslim immigration until they can be vetted properly. Cruz would still not speak ill of Trump. He said his plan would look somewhat different, but would not take the bait. He has taken it one step further with an epic Tweet, whereby he proposes the only solution is a cage match between Trump and Cruz. However, he says everyone wanting that will be disappointed because he thinks Trump is Terrific… #DealWithIt. Just simply perfect.


From Young Conservatives:

A story broke earlier this week saying Sen. Ted Cruz attacked Donald Trump at a private fundraiser, which is likely an attempt to get the two candidates at each other’s throats.

Cruz has come against the story saying it was misleading, but he went a bit further and sent out a tweet was pure gold.

Check it out.

Ted Cruz Donald Trump

Cruz and Trump are friends. Not only that, but Cruz meant it when he said he would not speak ill of other Republicans. He’s honorable and a true statesman. The media is devastated… poor trolls. They really thought they had a handle on the whole divide and conquer thingie. Posers. Cruz is a very bright guy and he’s way too smart to fall for these silly traps laid by the MSM. It’s not how you play the game and win. Instead, Cruz focuses on the issues at hand. He speaks to what is important to Americans and he does the right thing; not the popular thing. That’s character and leadership in motion. Regardless of what happens in this race, Cruz and Trump will remain friends. Given the popularity of both, I’d say there is a great chance one or both will be sitting in the White House after the dust settles.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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