Rand Paul Rips RINO McCain A New One: “We’re Very Lucky John McCain Is Not In Charge”

Rand Paul Rips RINO McCain A New One: “We’re Very Lucky John McCain Is Not In Charge”

Is anyone else tired of hearing that John McCain opened his pie hole and insulted the Republican Party? I mean really, how hard is it for him to change his political affiliation?

Everyone else knows he’s a Democrat in disguise!

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From The Washington Examiner:

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on Sunday warned against taking seriously comments his Senate colleague John McCain of Arizona made on Saturday, in which the Arizona lawmaker comparedPresident Trump‘s actions toward the press to “how dictators get started.”

“The thing is, I don’t agree with his analysis and applying that to the president,” Paul told Jon Karl, guest host of ABC’s “This Week.” “Everything that [McCain] says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute he’s got running with President Trump and it should be taken with a grain of salt, because John McCain’s the guy that’s advocated for war everywhere. He would bankrupt the nation.”

Paul, known for his noninterventionist foreign policy, also expressed relief that the 2008 Republican presidential nominee did not have a chance to act on his views as a commander in chief.

“And actually, we’re very lucky John McCain’s not in charge because I think we would be in perpetual war,” Paul said.

Paul admitted Trump’s comments during a Thursday press conference were “not something” he would have said, but he said Trump has a “distinct way” of expressing his opinion.

He added that Congress is not considering a bill that would take away the media’s freedoms, despite McCain’s warning.

There are a couple things that the American people don’t appreciate and generally speaking, politicians going out of their way to bash America or her President while on foreign soil is at the top of that list.

If you have problems with us or our President and you live here, you take care of it here. You are an adult, you work in Washington. You know how this works. Only cowards hide behind the skirt of another nation when making such horrendous statements.

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