Republican Congressman Asks Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Resign

Republican Congressman Asks Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Resign

As far as I can tell, nobody likes Robert Mueller, and even fewer people would be sad if he decided to give up his position and leave as special prosecutor. (Well, Democrats would probably have a fit about it, but really, who cares what they have to say?)

In fact, Arizona Republican Representative Trent Franks is calling on Mueller to resign immediately, stating that he is in violation of federal code and the only way to maintain the integrity of the Russia investigation is for him to give up his role in it.

According to Franks, Mueller’s ties to former FBI director James Comey means that he is unfit to continue the investigation into alleged Russian connections in the White House.

“Bob Mueller is in clear violation of federal code and must resign to maintain the integrity of the investigation into alleged Russian ties,” Franks said in a statement. “Those who worked under them have attested he and Jim Comey possess a close friendship, and they have delivered on-the-record statements effusing praise of one another.”

It is for this reason that Mueller is not considered to be an impartial judge on the matter of the investigation by many concerned that Trump is not going to receive a fair investigation.

“Already, this investigation has become suspect — reports have revealed at least four members of Mueller’s team on the Russia probe donated to support Hillary Clinton for president, as President Trump pointed out. These obviously deliberate partisan hirings do not help convey impartiality,” Franks continued.

“Until Mueller resigns, he will be in clear violation of the law, a reality that fundamentally undermines his role as special counsel and attending ability to execute the law,” he concluded.

Both liberals and conservatives should support Mueller’s resignation.

Liberals, because in the event that something is brought to light accusing Trump of colluding with Russia to influence the election of the United States, you are going to want the investigation to be as impartial as possible so conservatives can’t claim they were railroaded by a biased investigator.

Conservatives, because it’s entirely possible that Comey’s BFF isn’t going to be exactly fair and will use any little shred of evidence to nail him to the wall. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen and that all of the evidence (or lack thereof) is laid out for the world to see and to exonerate or accuse the President in an unbiased manner.

Now, Mueller, where were we on that resignation letter?

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