Republican Defeat in NY-23 Could Lead to GOP Victories in 2010

With word that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has endorsed conservative Doug Hoffman to fill the House seat vacated by Army Secretary John McHugh, there is a real chance the once and future Republican could score an upset, defeating GOP nominee Dede Scozzafava and Democrat Bill Owens. The safe bet though would be for an Owens victory. The one certainty now is that Scozzafava will not be serving the remainder of McHugh’s term.

Given her support of the “stimulus” and other items on the Democrats’ big government agenda, this could serve as a warning to the GOP that to win elections, our candidates need more than just an (R) after their names, they need to stand for something. It could remind Republicans that if we want to win back our congressional majorities, we need to tap into the energy and ideas of the Tea Party movement and support smaller government.

Indeed Politico calls this race the first test of tea party power.

Dede Scozzafava is exactly the kind of candidate liberal pundits have been saying the GOP needs to nominate if it wants to be relevant and win elections. Problem is, she’s losing.

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