Republicans Ready To Give Obama Everything He Wants?

I’ll admit, I had some concerns with the whole shutdown plan. First, because there was no way the Democrat controlled Senate would defund the “Affordable” Care Act, and on the .001% chance that happened, Obama wouldn’t sign it. Nor would they delay the individual mandate. Nor make substantive changes that fix the issues that are destroying our economy, causing people to lose their health insurance, and cause Obamacare premiums to skyrocket. Democrats do not want to listen to the American people who hate Obamacare, and really do not care about Americans except as serfs.

I was concerned that they had no plan for when the “A”CA launched and failed. They could have come out on 10/2 and said “well, Ocare is collapsing and is as bad as we thought, here’s a CR that has cuts, we’re moving on.” I was concerned that the GOP had no plan to move from the “A”CA to serious cuts. And, with so many, let’s call them …. “squishy jerks”, ones like John McCain and Peter King, among others, I was concerned that something like this would happen

(Breitbart) House Republicans have sent the White House a revised proposal to lift the debt ceiling for six weeks, as well as reopen government through December 15th, which was their original spending proposal before the partial shutdown. The revised GOP plan reflects the demands Obama made in a meeting with House GOP Leaders on Thursday. It also reflects the unwillingness of the DC GOP to face a fiscal showdown with Democrats.

Aside from reopening the government and agreeing to raise America’s debt over the current $16.7 trillion limit, the Republicans made several other concession to President Obama and the Democrats. One such example is that Obamacare would receive funding. The Republicans would get to take out a portion of the president’s signature legislation, but the law would substantially remain intact. The AP reports:

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Under a proposal she and other GOP senators have been developing, a medical device tax that helps finance the health care law would be repealed, and millions of individuals eligible for subsidies to purchase health insurance under the program would be subject to stronger income verification.

This has obviously not gone through, and is simply from reports. But, can’t you see this as what the GOP squishes are proposing? Doesn’t it feel like something the GOP would do? Instead of attacking Obama for Shutdown Theater, for closing open air monuments, for the cones on roads, etc, for his intransigence, they seem to be willing to compromise, ie, give in for a few bones sucked dry of meat and marrow

In exchange for meeting, at least momentarily, all of Obama’s demands, the House GOP is seeking a “framework” for future negotiations on addressing longer-term budget issues. These negotiations would be led for the Republicans by Rep. Paul Ryan, who is likely to seek a “grand bargain” resolving the nation’s structural budget problems.

Anyone who believes Obama and the Democrats will negotiate, even in bad faith, afterwards, please go sit in the corner with a dunce hat. Remember, Senate Democrats said they would pass an actual budget, something they haven’t done since Obama took office, as part of the debt deal earlier in this same year.

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