REVOLT: SEIU Union Members Turn On Leadership… Pledge Support to Donald Trump

REVOLT: SEIU Union Members Turn On Leadership… Pledge Support to Donald Trump

Dear Democrats, when you’ve lost the unions… I’ll let them finish that thought. I’m sure they are thinking it right about now. It turns out the majority of the membership of SEIU is for Donald Trump and their leadership is now in a panic. Just glorious. I simply love it when communists have a conniption fit. The leader of SEIU now admits that most of their membership is all for Donald Trump’s pro-American populist message… and jobs. Go figure. I don’t know why the union membership ever supported Barack Obama in the first place. I get why their leaders do. They are bought off and power hungry. But union members surely know that they aren’t going to get more work under a Marxist. Duh. Hear that? That’s my family finally… finally getting a clue.


From Breitbart:

The far-left progressive leader of the huge SEIU union admits that many or most of her blue-collar members are sympathetic to Donald Trump’s pro-American populist message.

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“I am deeply concerned about what is stirring, even in our membership… where our members are responding to Trump’s message,” she told David Axelrod, the chief campaign strategist for President Barack Obama’s election in 2008.

Can you see Trump winning the election? Axelrod asked. “Yea, I could, I could,” said Mary Kay Henry, the international president of the Service Employees International Union.

“Sixty-four percent of our public members identify as conservative, and are much more interested in the Republican debate than the Democratic debate at the moment,” she admitted.

“Our white conservative membership that we hear is responding to Trump’s appeal are more concentrated in the Midwest and the South,” she said. That’s critical, because the GOP candidate must do well in the Midwest to overcome the Democrats’ advantages in the immigration-heavy coastal states. That claim of support is backed up by a recentDemocratic survey.

To stomp on Trump’s support, union’s leaders are personally pressuring the members, she said.

“We’re doing one-on-ones with every one of our members right now,” said Henry. “We’re going into hyperdrive, especially in the pockets of our membership that have a lot of Muslim leaders to stand against what is being said” by Trump, she said.

All of the Dems are now waking up to the fact that Donald Trump could become president and it scares them to death. Now comes the one-on-one full press to twist arms so they won’t vote for Trump. Threats, violence and intimidation… it is the union way. SEIU claims a membership of roughly 2 million blue-collar workers, but is actually run by a professional cadre of far-left Progressives – commies. That leadership means the union’s priorities including many progressive goals, such as greater immigration, more federal regulation of police and boosting the Democrats’ power, beyond the labor-market task of fighting for wage and benefits increases for its members. The leadership is lining up behind Hillary Clinton, but the members are defecting to the Trump camp. If you can believe it, the unions are now trying to rally Muslims and illegal immigrants to get their way. That’s a huge mistake. They will push most of their membership right into Trump’s arms. This should be fun to watch. A Trump/Cruz ticket will sweep even the unions.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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