Rogue Delegates Now Say 50% Chance Trump Loses Nomination at Republican National Convention

Rogue Delegates Now Say 50% Chance Trump Loses Nomination at Republican National Convention

While Trump has clinched the appropriate number of delegates to receive the presidential nomination of Republicans during the Cleveland convention, it would now appear as if that may not happen.


From Yahoo:

If you only read one thing: Anti-Trump delegates to the GOP convention held a conference call Sunday evening in an effort to organize disparate groups with varied agendas around a common cause of unbinding the delegates in Cleveland to open the possibility of dumping Donald Trump as the party’s nominee. Relying on a shaky interpretation of RNC rules and fueled by frustration and some sour grapes, the delegates boasted of an emerging movement but offered little evidence or strategy. Struggling to manage the array of speakers on the conference call line (If the conference call handling skills of anti-Trump delegates are any indication, their convention plans need a lot of work), the delegates claimed that several GOP contenders are planning to re-enter the race at the convention if the delegates are unbound—which, is a vast over-statement of the interest the drop-outs have. Yes, Ted Cruz’s campaign is monitoring the effort, but they, like most Republicans, put little stock in the ability of these groups to pull off something as complex as a convention coup with so little organization. (The delegates, meanwhile, put their own odds at 50%.)

Hillary Clinton is looking to make political hay of Donald Trump‘s response to Thursday’s ‘Brexit’ vote, accusing him of prioritizing his own financial concerns over those of the American people. Clinton’s campaign released a new ad Sunday featuring Trump’s response highlighting the potential benefit of the vote to his golf courses in Scotland. Striking an unusually populist tone on a call with reporters Friday, Clinton aides said the primary response to the vote should be on protecting the financial interests of Americans. It was as though Clinton’s team was seeking to co-opt Trump’s adopted slogan, ‘America-First,’ as it rebranded Trump’s as ‘Trump-first.’ The challenge for Clinton will be making that populist case effectively given her record. Meanwhile, Clinton and Elizabeth Warren will appear together in Pennsylvania for their first joint campaign appearance since Warren endorsed earlier this month.

Trump seeks to backtrack on his call for mass-deportation of those in the U.S. illegally. Cleveland braces for unrest at GOP convention. And how the RNC seeks to turn Bernie-backers against Clinton’s VP.

Do you support the unbinding of the delegates? Or would you rather see everyone back Trump, despite sky-high unfavorability ratings and low polling numbers?

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