Romney Attacked For…Wait, Speaking French?

Well, this is a strange one

(Politico) A new Web ad from Newt Gingrich’s campaign, “The French Connection,” stresses the similarities between Mitt Romney and John Kerry, tying the two Massachusetts politicians together with the fact that both of them speak French.

“Just like John Kerry, he speaks French, too,” the ad’s narrator says of Romney, showing an often-circulated clip of Romney speaking about the 2002 Winter Olympics in French.

As Allahpundit points out, times have changed a bit, and we’re kinda friends with the French again. We even just fought a war in Libya with them. He also wonders whether Newt, being a smart guy and all, can speak other languages himself. A brief perusal of Google finds on mention of him speaking anything other than English. But, this is a silly line of attack, one which attempts to paint Romney as an elitist. Well, yeah, we already know that. Most folks who run for the Presidency tend to be elitists. Furthermore, I predict that South Carolina voters will not react well to the ad, as it appears to be a simplistic attack which attempts to make a play on the voters being hicks and rubes. Camp Gingrich’s “Bain bomb” is not working, why should this one be any better?

If Newt wants to get back in this race, he is going to have to abandon the negative attacks and get back to his core messaging, which was about the dangers of Big Centralized Government and the Obama agenda, highlighting what Newt wants to do. He rose on his positive messaging, and dropped like a stone with the negative.

Meanwhile, CSPAN is having a wee bit of a problem with prank calls about Romney’s……penis. Head on over to Mediate for some morning toilet humor.

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