Rubio’s Trump Comparison Has People Seeing Red

Rubio’s Trump Comparison Has People Seeing Red

In an interview with Jake Tapper, Rubio remarked that he noticed how much Trump reminds him of a 3rd world strongman and he explains exactly why to Jake Tapper.


From RedState:

‘Yeah, here’s what happens in many countries around the world. You have a leader that emerges, and basically says “Don’t put your faith in yourselves. Don’t put your faith in society. Put your faith in me. I’m a strong leader, and I’m going to make things better all by myself.”

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This is very typical in the 3rd world. You see it a lot in Latin America – for decades. Basically the argument he’s making is that he, single handedly, is going to turn the country around. We’ve never been that kind of country.’

Well, if fans of Trump are seeing red, they don’t have the capability to see truth. Nothing Rubio stated here was wrong. This isn’t a dictatorship where one man makes the country a better place. That kind of government doesn’t exist. This is a Republic. There are checks and balances. And we have ourselves a real estate man for the Republican Nominee…Yay.

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