Sarah Palin Drops Bombshell, Reveals Cancer Scare

Sarah Palin Drops Bombshell, Reveals Cancer Scare

Sarah Palin recently had a skin cancer scare, but the doc removed it and all is fine. Thank goodness. She acted like it was totally no big deal. Any form of cancer is a big deal and we can’t afford to lose a true conservative patriot like Sarah Palin. Fox has been a huge disappointment this year and is just getting worse. Palin was one of the few true conservatives they had on, but evidently if you dare to exercise free speech against someone that is in their camp, they sack you. How ‘fair and balanced.’


From the Daily Mail:

Sarah Palin has revealed that losing her job as a political analyst at Fox News and a cancer scare that came within weeks of each other made 2015 her ‘toughest year yet’.

The former Alaska governor spoke out for the first time about getting dropped from the network in June.

Palin said losing her $1million-a-year deal as a contributor came ‘sort of out of the blue’ and said she was canned because she ‘called somebody out’.

‘Next morning I got word, “Oh we no longer need you anymore”‘, she told CNBC. ‘Yeah it was a shock.’

But Palin said there’s no hard feelings between her and Fox, saying it was their ‘prerogative’ to not renew her contract and that she still goes on-air to do interviews for them.

‘I have a great relationship with them,’ she said. ‘It was just kind of a little bit of a shocker of knowing that the haters are going to love this one.’

In the same month, Palin’s daughter became a tabloid fixture as she called off her wedding to fiance Dakota Meyer and then just weeks later announced she was pregnant with his child.

Palin then went to the doctor, on Bristol’s insistence, and a biopsy revealed that she had ‘something like’ Melanoma.

‘Anyway, a surgeon dug it out and everything was okay,’ she said.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate also shared news about youngest child Trig, who was just 16 weeks old when she joined John McCain’s ticket.

Palin said the seven-year-old, who has Down Syndrome, is not verbal but is reading and that it’s his sister Piper who can intuit what it is he needs.

‘We call her the “Trig whisperer”‘, she said.

‘Sometimes it’s like, “Piper, what is it that he’s wanting?” And it’s like, “Mom, he wants his stuffed something or another.’

‘How does she know that? But she does.’

Palin said Trig is best friends with his nephew Tripp, who Bristol was pregnant with when she was 18 years old and on the campaign trail with her mother.

The grandmother said she once worried about letting her son go on a field trip to Anchorage, only for Tripp to assure her he planned to sit next to him on the bus.

‘It was just one of those things where it’s like, Bristol and I look at each other and we’re like, “What would our boys do without each other?'”

Palin managed to still talk briefly about politics in the personal chat, although she stopped short of revealing with Republican she planned to vote for.

But Palin praised Donald Trump, saying she finds it refreshing that he ‘calls it like he sees it’.

‘He’s a fighter, a competitor,’ she said.

‘I’m so thankful that he’s running.’

I’m pretty sure that Palin supports Trump and Cruz. I certainly do. I’m still in it for Cruz primarily, but if Trump gets the nod, I’m right there. I find Trump’s candor refreshing as well. If Trump and Cruz weren’t running, I would pretty much give up, but they both give me hope we can turn this around. Sarah has had a tough year, but she has weathered it with grace and dignity the way she always does. Her family comes first and always will. There may have been mistakes made, but that family is a good Christian one and whatever the tabloids throw at them, they get through it. Whether it’s politics, health, work or family, Sarah Palin always wins in the end. I hope she will be part of Trump’s or Cruz’s cabinet.



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