Scott Brown Knows How To Message

know you guys hate videos (well, RWN people do), but I’m including it here because it’s so illustrative of good political speak.

The CNN interviewer asks Brown, “Can you accept a more scaled down version of the health care bill?”

Now, keep in mind that Brown was elected at “the 41st vote” against health care reform. So, if he says yes, he undoes his campaign, right? But his message was more nuanced during his campaigning, but that’s not how a change would be spun.

Brown responds,”We’ll have to see what’s there. I think they’re going to go back to the drawing board. I think it was on its last legs before I got there because of the backroom deals and the lack of transparency.”

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Do you see what he did in three short sentences?

1. He didn’t commit to a cornering question.
2. He put forth his desire–to go back to the drawing board because he knows Americans want some reform, just not this reform (aka takeover).
3. He impugns the Democrats without calling out the Democrats. This part is beautiful. Without actually saying anything negative, he gives voice to the people’s concern about the government being corrupt. And who is in charge? Democrats.

So far, Brown has been remarkably quick on his feet, affable, and unflappable. He is still a Northeast Republican so standards for policy are rather lower than a Texas Republican, say, but still, he could teach establishment Republicans a thing or two about communication.

Content around 1:20 in:

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