Sharron Angle: Big Win for Tea Party

Possibly the best news regarding yesterday’s primaries comes from Nevada, where Sharron Angle — endorsed by the Great One himself — has earned the job of displacing Dingy Harry Reid. Angle is a solid countermoonbat. As the Daily Caller observes, her win represents the increasing clout of the Tea Party movement:

Republican voters in Nevada on Tuesday nominated Sharron Angle to take on Democratic Sen. Harry Reid — something that was unimaginable just two months ago when Angle was polling in the single digits and having a hard time getting anybody to pay attention to her campaign. Then came the Tea Party Express (TPX).

Everything changed when the group, run by longtime Republican operatives in California, threw its weight behind Angle in Washington D.C. at a Tax Day conference heavily attended by the national media.

“When the Tea Party Express endorsed her, everybody took a second look,” said Larry Hart, a campaign consultant for Angle, in an interview with The Daily Caller. “And that changed the whole dynamic of the campaign. So, yes, they do get a lot of credit for giving her the credibility to really build her support up to where it is now.”

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Here we see the Tea Party working just as it should: not running its own candidates, but promoting those who will defend the American way by giving them the exposure they need to wrest control of the Republican Party from country club RINOs. When liberty-minded conservatives take over the GOP the way socialists have taken over the Democrat Party, voters will have a definitive choice between wealth and freedom on one side, penury and tyranny on the other. Let’s hope it happens before moonbattery rots our society to the point that we won’t chose wisely.

Imagine replacing Dingy Harry with a patriot like Sharron Angle.

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