SHOCK: Sheriff David Clarke Reportedly Changes Mind On Acceptance Of DHS Position

SHOCK: Sheriff David Clarke Reportedly Changes Mind On Acceptance Of DHS Position

The left went absolutely crazy over the fact that Donald Trump offered Sheriff David Clarke a position in the Department of Homeland Security and did their best try to slander the good man. Unfortunately for them, he wasn’t about to take it and slowly, the furor died down.

Now we’re learning that Clarke has changed his mind about accepting the post within the Trump administration.

“Sheriff Clarke is 100% committed to the success of President Trump, and believes his skills could be better utilized to promote the President’s agenda in a more aggressive role,” stated Clarke’s adviser, Craig T. Peterson.

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He continued.

“Last Tuesday Sheriff Clarke met with President Trump and discussed other roles where the Sheriff could be of greater assistance to the President, and the Country. The Sheriff is reviewing options inside and outside of government.”

This statement definitely produces more questions than answers and leaves a great many people wondering what could have prompted this shocking response.

In the back of our minds, we’re aware that it is entirely possible that this has something to do with the “scoop” picked up by CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, which accuses Clarke of plagiarizing his Master’s thesis, though with insufficient evidence to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Of course in his usual style, Clarke blasted the”sleazebag” who was trying to call him out publicly.

Could it be that there was actual evidence of this accused plagiarism found and the left is using it against Clarke as a way to get him to step away from the office?

Or has Clarke decided that he could do a lot more good as a Sheriff than a pencil pusher who doesn’t really get the chance to dispense justice? Unless he releases a more in-depth statement, I don’t think we’re ever really going to know.

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