Snap! GOP To Kill House Climate Alarmism Panel

I can just picture Nancy P. stomping her ruby slippers and screaming “they can’t do this!!!!1!!!!”

Republicans will eliminate the House committee created by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to highlight the threat of climate change, Representative James Sensenbrenner, the top Republican on the panel, said today.

I actually think this is a bad move. Instead of shutting the panel down, the Republicans should keep it operating, and, instead of ultra-partisan hacks with big monetary and prestige stakes testifying, they should allow those who don’t agree to appear, as well as set up debates between the two sides. Obviously, the alarmist side will usually duck out at the last minute.

In one of her first acts as speaker in 2007, Pelosi, a California Democrat, created the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming to draw attention to climate-change science and showcase how a cap on carbon dioxide needn’t be a threat to economic growth.

How’d that work out? Fewer and fewer people believe in anthropogenic global warming, and even among those who do Believe, it is way down the list of their cares and concerns. Furthermore, as time has gone on, the threat of cap and tax has been shown to be a bigger and bigger threat to economic growth. We only need to look to those countries who have implemented cap and trade for evidence.

Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wi), did want to keep it open in order to investigate what government has done, in particular the EPA, but, John Boehner put the kibosh on that, saying that the Science committee could handle it, which would save millions.

Politico has published what amounts to an obituary for the panel.

Meanwhile, in exotic Cancun

Cancun climate summit: UN calls for worldwide phase out of incandescent bulbs

A UN study found that if every nation switched from incandescent lamps to energy-efficient alternatives, it would cut the world’s electricity demand for lighting by over 2 per cent. This is equivalent to saving around 800 million tonnes of emissions.

Hey, I’m all for saving money, but, has anyone noticed the price of CFLs going up and quality going down? I was in the Home Depot yesterday looking for a non-CFL specialized bulb, and CFLs did seem to be getting more expensive. They are also pushing these “instant on” CFLs. Personally, I’m not going to spend $8-$10 to give them a whirl. Furthermore, CFLs put out a quarter of what an incandescent does: how soon till the climate weenies deem them bad for globull warming?

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