Susan Collins Opposes Dream EPA Nomination Scott Pruitt

Susan Collins Opposes Dream EPA Nomination Scott Pruitt

So far one of the very best things about Donald Trump has been the nomination of global warming skeptic Scott Pruitt to rein in the extremist and tyrannical EPA. Unsurprisingly, the supposedly Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine opposes the nomination:

The definitive back-stabbing RINO, Collins also opposed the nominations of Betsy DeVos and Andy Puzder.

Collins obstructs anything her fellow Republicans want to accomplish is so reliably that FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon has created a template for press releases:

Seriously, this stuff just writes itself. You fill in the blanks about her opposition to Scott Pruitt who is committed to reforming the EPA so that it does not continue strangling our economy. It’s the truth.

The template reads, “We’re shocked — absolutely shocked — that Sen. Collins would oppose a conservative [insert policy or nominee]. It’s a shame that Sen. Collins is once again aligning with herself far-left Democrats and special interests like [insert crazy liberal group(s)] to block a crucial [nominee/policy who/that] would accomplish conservatives’ dream of [action/result].”

Her antics would invite a primary challenge, but in New England, a Republican candidate who is actually right of center may not be electable.

Alaska is a different story. Lisa Murkowski, who also opposed DeVos and Puzder, and who libs hope will oppose Pruitt, ought to take note.

Collins in likeminded company.

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