Tammy Bruce Asks Me About Texas Governor Rick Perry

I had the great honor of being on Tammy Bruce’s radio show yesterday. It was a lot of fun. We talked about Governor Rick Perry here.

A word about Governor Perry: I have had the opportunity to meet him a couple times and interview him once. Like many conservatives, his actions regarding the Gardisil vaccination program outraged me. In the intervening time, Governor Perry has been staunchly in favor of individual rights and personal freedom and also, and very importantly, state freedom from Federal restrictions. Politicians are human beings and imperfect vessels. They make mistakes. He made one. Since that misstep, though, Governor Perry has been as conservative as once can be. He’s been good for Texas.

Texans enjoy jobs, freedom and a good economy. But the press is hardly super positive. Matt Lewis notes the disparity between Rick Perry coverage versus Bill White, who is a Democrat, SURPRISE!, coverage. Even in Texas, the press is liberal, biased and bad toward conservatives. The Texas engine rumbles along, and Rick Perry is a proven leader, and the press will put the Democrat in a positive light.

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Anyway, please listen to the podcast with Tammy Bruce. It was great fun.

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