Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are rumored to campaign together

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are rumored to campaign together

I have no idea whether this will come to pass or not… the rumors have been swirling for some time over meetings between Cruz and Trump. But the source is The Dallas Morning News, so we’ll just see. I think this was deliberately leaked by the Trump campaign. Can you imagine the meltdowns from both sides of the political aisle? It would be a brilliant political move. Arguably, the two most popular Republican candidates join forces on the campaign trail – cue the liberal and RINO aneurysms. They would have to book a huge venue in DC and even then, I don’t think it could hold everyone that would come. It would be thunderous and would just scare the living crap out of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Good times.

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From Red Right Republic:

WASHINGTON–Sen. Ted Cruz caused a stir when he met in July with Donald Trump. But the two could be making a joint campaign appearance soon, according to The Daily Beast.

As Reported By The Dallas Morning News:

The two Republican presidential candidates’ campaigns discussed holding an event together in Washington, D.C., and Trump invited Cruz on his trip to the border, a Trump insider told the website.

While other candidates have denounced Trump’s controversial comments on immigration and Sen. John McCain--including former Gov. Rick Perry–Cruz defended the real estate mogul.

“One of the reasons you’re seeing so many 2016 candidates go out of their way to smack Donald Trump is they don’t like politicians that speak directly about the challenges of illegal immigration,” Cruz told reporters in July.

The mere rumor of this alliance must have them quaking in their jackboots. I am for Ted Cruz as president, but I would have no problem voting for Trump or a combination thereof. And millions feel just as I do, no matter how the other candidates, GOP consiglieres and the media want to spin it. Cruz invited Donald Trump to tour the U.S.-Mexico border last month, though the senator couldn’t make it in the end because of Hill votes. “We were talking about immigration and then Ted said to Mr. Trump, ‘you should come to the Texas border. Be my guest and we’ll go together,’” Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler said. “I’m glad he’s in the race and he manages to attract a lot of attention and actually to force the media to talk about issues that the media should have been talking about, in particular illegal immigration,” Cruz said on the Michael Medved Show. “I welcome Donald Trump’s immigration proposal. Virtually every element in the proposal he submitted is contained within legislation that I filed years ago in the Untied States Senate,” Cruz said, adding he is glad to see Trump is calling for tripling the number of border patrol agents. In New Hampshire, when asked about a running mate, Trump mentioned Cruz. They seem to have an actual friendship. It’s politically savvy to team up – whichever comes out on top will get the other’s supporters and maybe the dynamic duo will just own the White House together.

By Tom White - VA Right!

By Tom White – VA Right!

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