Ted Cruz Owed an Apology

Ted Cruz Owed an Apology

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Ted Cruz said that Obamacare should be defunded and he was right!
As the saying goes, “When you peel back the onion…there’s just another layer of onion!” And so it goes with the debacle of Obamacare.

Let’s look at this onion:

Before ObamaCare’s finalization, Obama praised the CEO of CGI
CGI has an executive (evil capitalist?) who is a good friend of Michelle Obama
CGI employs Valerie Jarrett’s daughter and son-in-law.
CGI is the CANADIAN contractor donated $47 million to Obama’s campaign.
CGI has been sued by their OWN government for a debacle on a similar website to ObamaCare, although exponentially less complicated.
ObamaCare’s website doesn’t WORK!
ObamaCare doesn’t allow you to “Keep your plan…keep your doctor.”
Why Obama and the executives of CGI are not being indicted is beyond me. I’m not sure how many blows to the face America can take before we lose consciousness.

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The Obamacare that was presented to the Supreme Court has changed, in that it exempts FAT CAT CAPITALISTS, UNIONS, CONGRESS…oh, and OBAMA!

Republicans like Boehner, McConnell and other eunuchs may try to step in and steal some of Ted Cruz’s thunder, but the fact remains that Ted Cruz is owed an apology by the Leftist turds who fought for ObamaCare.

He won’t get it from them, so we will say it for them:

Thank You, Ted Cruz for shining the light on ObamaCare and fighting the good fight for fiscal responsibility and better government.

This post was used with the permission of The Black Sphere.

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