Ted Cruz Presidential Announcement Brings The Liberal Moonbattery Out In Force

It was rather wise for Ted Cruz to announce early that he’s officially running for president: it brings that bat guano insane from Liberals out into the open early, so it can be knocked down. Ezra Klein provides one of the more laughable “articles”

Imagine Ted Cruz as president

If you guessed Sen. Ted Cruz would launch his presidential campaign by remixing John Lennon’s “Imagine,” well, you win the pool.

Cruz, a former national debater, is an excellent speaker. And he doesn’t just dish red meat. His announcement at Liberty University had the friendly, looping cadence of a megachurch preacher. He walked the stage confidently. He bantered with the crowd. He told stories. He was as comfortable talking Obamacare as he is layering on schmaltz. Liberals who have come to expect a conservative firebreather will be disappointed.

But there was an odd note twanging through his address, and it took to an anonymous student on the social networking app YikYak to point it out: “Imagining this guy actually fulfilling these promises.”

The word Cruz kept coming back to — “imagine” — was a bit of a dodge. He asked his audience at the evangelical Christian university to imagine a more conservative world. He asked them to imagine a flat tax, and the full repeal of Obamacare, and a government that stands against gay marriage and with Bibi Netanyahu. But he didn’t tell them how to achieve it — save for the implied vote for Cruz. The speech ended up feeling like a cross between CPAC and The Secret.

Which leads to this subhead

Imagination is not a plan

Really? Remember, Ezra Klein was and is a BIG supporter of Barack Obama, whose entire 2008 campaign was based on “Hope and Change”, and nothing more. Cruz has shown that he has plans. He has been active in the Senate. What did Obama do, other than avoid any difficult votes?

Vox’s Timothy B. Lee also makes a big deal out of the fact that the donation page doesn’t use SSL, but was forced to create a correction

Correction: This article originally stated that the site doesn’t use SSL encryption at all. In fact, the submission of the credit card data is encrypted, but the lack of encryption for the donation page as a whole creates unnecessary risks for user security, as explained above.

That is something that Team Cruz needs to fix, right? Oops. They already have. Again, remember that Obama’s website was barely using any security at all, and liberals poo poo’d it.

The NY Times’ Alan Rappeport weighs in on the Cruz birtherism meme, and, unsurprisingly, fails to 100% say “he’s eligible”. It’s not a big surprise, seeing as how the Times ran two “just wondering” articles, in February and July 2008, about whether McCain was actually eligible. Then we have moonbattery from Think Progress

Ted Cruz Just Laid Out The Most Anti-Woman Agenda Yet

The evidence supporting that assumption is rather thin, but, then, Liberals often do not tend to actually read beyond the headline, so the talking point will simply be that Cruz is part of the He Man Woman Haters Club. Despite doting on his wife and two daughters. Much of the evidence is simply that on some issues, women support it more than men, such as with repealing Ocare, and that women support the contraception mandate (ie, forcing Other People to pay for birth control) 65%. Which leads to

A Flat Tax And Abolishing The IRS

“Instead of a tax code that crushes innovation, that imposes burdens on families struggling to make ends met, imagine a simple flat tax. Imagine abolishing the IRS.,” he said.

There’s little polling on a flat tax or abolishing the IRS specifically, since it mostly hasn’t been a serious policy proposal from either party. The last candidate to propose a flat tax was Herman Cain with his 9-9-9 proposal in 2012. That proposal was 10 points more popular with men than with women.

So, no real evidence, but somehow that’s “anti-woman”.

On immigration reform, abortion and same sex marriage, gun control, government data collection, school choice and Common Core, and foreign policy, women poll different from men, so, this is the so-called evidence that Cruz is anti-women. Will this be the new dynamic, that a simple slight difference of opinion is part of the War on Women? Of course, it’s Democrats who want to disarm the law abiding population, especially women, leaving them more vulnerable to criminals, who do not care about the law.

Anyhow, Democrats are cheering for Ted, because

The launch of Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential bid Monday has prompted an outpouring of excitement and delight — from Democrats.

To liberal activists, the firebrand Texan is much too far to the right for the nation at large and too extreme to even win the Republican nomination.

But they want nothing more than for him to run strongly throughout the primary season. The more momentum he develops, they argue, the more likely he is to push the eventual GOP nominee further to the right than that person will want to go.

Be careful what you wish for. They said Ronald Reagan was too far to the Right, in both 1980 and 1984, and look how that turned out. Especially when you have someone who can speak and think as well on stage as Cruz can. Teleprompter? He don’t need no stinkin’ teleprompter!

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