Thanksgiving Surprise: People SHOCKED Their Families Support Donald Trump

Thanksgiving Surprise: People SHOCKED Their Families Support Donald Trump

A whole bunch of people were in for a nasty shock when they went to celebrate with their families this week – many of their families are supporting Donald Trump for president. Oh, the horror of it all! They are supporting a conservative Republican!! Perish the thought. A number of individuals swore off their families forever over this. No big loss to those they are deserting. Others vowed no Christmas presents for their family members who want to, you know, actually save the Republic (not that these morons know the true meaning of Christmas). Again, no huge loss. This is awesome. Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full beast mode out there. These liberal weenies are going home to a dose of reality. The majority of America seems to be all in for Trump and the Leftist morons are now slipping from denial into anger, then to depression and finally to defeat. Good times. I wish someone would compile a video of the shocked faces of these useful idiots as the joyous and excited dinner conversations supporting Trump ensued. It would be a hit.

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From The Daily Caller:

A bunch of people were shocked to find out over Thanksgiving dinner that members of their family support Donald Trump for president.

Trump Thanksgiving

Trump Thanksgiving1

The support for the real estate billionaire shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone paying attention to the presidential race so far. According to Real Clear Politics, Trump has the support of nearly 28 percent of registered Republicans in an average of recent national polls. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson sits in second place with just under 20 percent.

But perhaps those who lamented their pro-Trump relatives on Twitter thought that it was other peoples’ families that are supporting the reality TV star.

The Trump truths proved too difficult for some Thanksgiving dinner attendees. Many said they had to leave the table while their family members praised The Donald.
Trump Thanksgiving2

Trump Thanksgiving3

Others proposed more drastic solutions.

Trump Thanksgiving4

At least one person nearly choked to death after hearing all of the Trump love at Thanksgiving dinner.

Trump Thanksgiving5

And for some, this Thanksgiving could be the last they share with their pro-Trump family.

Trump Thanksgiving6

Some of these poor babies had to leave the table and cower in a corner. Some were put off their feed. The sane ones toasted to Donald’s success and his impending presidency. I know we had roast beast in his honor. Yep, meat… hear that liberals? We ate dead cow and it was de-li-cious. Yum! We honored God, praised the Constitution and spoke of the greatness of America. We gave thanks for our military, police, first responders and fire fighters. We remembered the pilgrims and all those that have fought to make America the greatest nation on the planet. We talked about killing the bad guys and several relatives showed off their guns. It was a Liberal’s nightmare and an excellent Thanksgiving. Don’t look now Progressives… things are about to take a huge lurch to the Right and America is going to clean house. We’ll eat stuffing and you can get stuffed.

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