The Hill Pronounces Bachmann Winner In Migraine Flap

Well, what they said was she won round 1. If the Dems, any of her GOP primary opponents, or any insider Republican fools, attempt to try this route again, I think they will find themselves losing many, many female supporters

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has been at the center of a storm since provocative questions about her migraines emerged two weeks ago. Now that the dust has settled, the question is … well, whether the dust actually has settled, or whether the dirt will emerge farther down the election trail.

It’s only been a few weeks since the original story about the migraines appeared, and the early verdict from political observers is that Bachmann didn’t just tread water, but might have come out stronger.

Former George W. Bush strategist and No Labels co-founder Mark McKinnon said Bachmann moved “quickly and effectively to knock down the story.”

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Professor and director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics Larry Sabato agrees: “From across the spectrum, I heard the issue was a nonstarter. Love her or loathe her, what do migraines have to do with anything?”

Exactly: what do they have to do with anything? But, she’s Michele Bachmann, a TEA Party and conservative favorite, and is unafraid to attack Obama’s policies.

That’s what many women asked. Migraines, which disproportionately affect females, reminded some of the ugliest stereotype in politics – that a woman can’t handle the stress of being president.

Kirsten Powers, a Fox News analyst and columnist for The Daily Beast, noted: “The way the migraines were talked about portrayed her as an unstable, pill-popping, hysterical female who can’t be trusted.”

In reality, Powers claimed, that’s exactly the opposite of the “energetic, incredibly stable and very clear-headed” woman Bachmann really is. The allegations, she argued, have only made the lawmaker sympathetic and thus strengthened her.

Most interesting was how many Liberal women, along with Conservative women, came to the defense of Bachmann over the silly migraine story, which never would have been tried against a man.

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