The Republican Party Shouldn’t Get Cocky Because Of The Brown Win

Here’s the sad reality for liberals: In 2006 and 2008, voters were primarily rejecting the Republican Party, not embracing a left-wing agenda. However, Democrats, as always, wildly over reached to the left once they got into power and turned off the American public.

That brings us to last night’s election. Turning “Ted Kennedy’s seat” into “the people’s seat” was certainly a great moment for the Republican Party. Moreover, Scott Brown was an excellent candidate who ran a fantastic campaign that drew grass roots support from across the country.

However, Republicans should keep something in mind: The voters in Massachusetts were primarily rejecting the policies of the Democratic Party last night, not embracing the Republican Party.

Yes, barring some unforeseen shift in political gravity, the GOP is likely to have a big November. We could easily pick up another 5-7 Senate seats. The House? There’s an outside shot that the GOP may take it back.

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However, if we do that well, it won’t be because the American people or the base love the Republican Party. To the contrary, the biggest thing the GOP has going for it right now is the fact that it’s not the Democratic Party.

So, with that in mind, I don’t want to hear about what a band of geniuses the GOP has in DC if we win in November. I also don’t want to hear any more elitist claptrap about how conservatives and Tea Partiers don’t know what political positions are in our own best interests.

Instead, we need Republicans in DC to get back to basics. Reducing the size and power of government. Slashing spending. Stopping the government from impinging on traditional values. Getting government’s tentacles out of the banks and car companies. Fighting against the corruption that has become the rule, not the exception in Congress.

In short, America wants clean, humble, responsive governance from a Republican Party that’s more principle driven and less poll driven. If and when the GOP gets back in power, it better deliver what we want or the base, the Tea Party movement, and the country is going to give the GOP the same sort of attitude adjustment the Democrats are getting now.

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