The RNC Wins With FireNancyPelosi.Com

The Republican National Committee launched immediately upon the passage of the health care bill by House Democrats. It has been a flaming success raising far more money than they even expected within hours of putting up the site.

Todd Herman, Director of New Media says:

With barely any advance advertising (ads only went up late Monday morning), these digital patriots adopted the #FirePelosi hashtag., which tracks conservative-leaning tweets, had “Fire Pelosi” at the top of their rankings within hours. Over 150 people per-hour were using’s Tweet-Bomb to announce their donations and, to get the Fire Pelosi banner on the Twitter avatars. On Monday morning, “Fire Pelosi” was on Google Trends, and hours later, RNC and GOP had become ranked fourth and fifth on the same list. Embeddable widgets provided on the site were quickly posted on pages all over the internet, and less than 12 hours after Pelosi passed her disastrous bill , the RNC blew past its fundraising goal of $402,010. (We’ve since set a new goal at Monday at 8:00, we were closing in on our second fundraising goal of $842,010.

This is a tremendous success, and full credit is owed to the new wave of online Republican activists. They who turned this campaign to remove the gavel from Nancy Pelosi’s hand into something special, and this November, they will see it through to its end. The Republican National Committee is proud to stand with these patriots.

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They are only a few thousand away from raising one million dollars in 48 hours. Amazing, really. And heartening.

Want to give credit where credit is due. This is an excellent effort by the organization. Now, hopefully, the money will go to conservative candidates who will undo the mess Pelosi made.

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